The Best Driving Sunglasses

We analyze the most popular sunglasses models - all with polarized lenses - on the market to see if they are suitable for driving.

A study by the Alain Afflelou and RACE Foundation reveals that poor visual protection at the wheel can cause long-term eye diseases - such as cataracts and blindness - and a decrease in driving safety due to different lighting circumstances.

Purchase Advice

Are the cheapest glasses safe?

1.- Demands quality: By law, all brands are required to certify that their glasses have passed the EU quality controls and ensure that they protect your eyes from the sun. In addition, they must be accompanied by instructions and certification that reflects the number of sunscreen that this model offers. Look for the acronym CE in glasses , means quality assurance

2.- Gray polarized lens: To drive, best sunglasses for driving with polarized lenses reduce glare to the maximum, have better UV filters and enhance road contrast; Of course, its cost compared to glasses with unpolarized lenses increases by about 40 euros . In addition, it is important that the tinting of the glass is gray, since it is the one that least alters the colors of your environment - such as traffic lights - and, in addition, it is the one that offers the most contrast, so you can better differentiate both the relief and The outline the objects.

3.- Light and enveloping frame : If the glasses offer an ergonomic and light frame, you will avoid touching the frame continuously to replace them, which will allow you to be more attentive to driving. In addition, it is important that the glasses cover the sides of the eyes and the skull, not just the front, since you will avoid suffering numerous reflexes that affect you laterally.

4.- Organic lenses, more resistant: Almost all brands, -except some, such as Ray Ban and Persol- already mount organic lenses on their glasses. With regard to glass lenses, they are much safer - it is more difficult to break their crystals - and lighter . In return, they are easier to scratch, although they all have an anti-scratch treatment, just like glass ones.

5.- When buying your glasses, never spend less than 30 euros: it is the price of polarized glasses and with total protection for UV rays of the Hawkers brand or of a brand like ATTCL.


The optometrist optician Jesús Clarademunt is very clear: "Avoid buying replica or fake glasses in street markets. As much as they have a supposed sticker with CE guarantees, be sure it is false. When putting on those glasses, your pupil will dilate , and having no UV filter, the retina of your eyes will be too exposed to the sun , which can cause ulcers and cataracts. In the most acute cases, it can cause blindness. "

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